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Whilst we may never know for sure, here at Asian Options – Asian escorts agency we feel that we could venture to say the majority of men have contacted an oriental escort at some point in their life. Feelings of love and lust have been around since the dawn of time, hence a thriving industry that caters to the needs of men and clients worldwide. Other than what you may consider to be the obvious, why do men turn to Asian escorts in London? Here we look at the top four reasons with the intention of shattering those hideous assumptions that many make. Non-escort women, you really should pay attention now.

The girlfriend vs. the Asian escort – forgive us ladies for saying this but sometimes men can find a girlfriend somewhat of an inconvenience in comparison to the ease associated with dating an Asian escort. Many women would probably hate to admit the fact that it’s true but sadly it is, not to mention the fact that pound for pound it’s probably also cheaper to date an Asian escort than it is to meet the needs of a girlfriend. The point we’re trying to make is that many men simply prefer the ease and simplicity of paying for companionship. Not only are their personal plans never interrupted or compromised but they know without a shadow of a doubt that their needs, spoken or unspoken, will be met every single time.

Closing the deal is much easier – if we women were honest we’d probably have to admit that we can be a little difficult when it comes to making ourselves available. Whilst some men will struggle to get past dinner, there are a huge amount that can’t even secure a date unless they remotely resemble a Brad Pitt look-a-like. Why should such men go without when they can date beautiful busty Asian escorts and reap the rewards of dinner, desert and then some? Surely everyone deserves companionship in some way, shape or form?

True companionship with London’s best Oriental & Asian escorts– what many don’t realise is that men actually build quite close relationships with our female Asian escorts from . These Asian escort may share similar interests, ideals or even professions and in some cases it may simply be down to a similar sense of humour. In many instances, seeing his favourite Asian escort in London on a regular basis allows a client to develop a true friendship in the process which makes meetings a lot more involved and fulfilling than dating different Asian and Thai escorts every day of the week.

A guaranteed good time to be had – only in the world of high class London Asian escorts can a man have his needs truly tailored to, starting with physical attributes right down to the type of chocolate on his strawberries they share. He even gets a say in what his best London Asian escorts will wear. Couple this with a completely professional woman in the sector of Asian escort agencies and a good time is absolutely guaranteed. When you compare this to the risk of awkward dates with someone you’ve met in a bar, it doesn’t even compare.