Correction: United Nations-nkorea Story

1 about North Korea at the United Nations, The Associated Press misidentified the North Korean speaker. The diplomat who spoke is deputy permanent representative Ri Tong Il, not Sang Beom Lim, who is a South Korean diplomat. A corrected version on of the story is below: NKorea spurns SKorea nuke disarmament deal NKorea spurns SKorea’s offer of development aid for nuclear disarmament By PETER JAMES SPIELMANN Associated Press UNITED NATIONS (AP) North Korea on Tuesday spurned South Korea’s offer of development aid in exchange for giving up its nuclear weapons, saying “this can never, ever, be a political bargaining chip.” North Korea’s deputy permanent representative, Ri Tong Il, was speaking in the “right of reply” session at the end of the annual General Assembly speeches, when countries unleash their most outspoken diplomats to counter arguments made by other countries in their high-level speeches. He spoke a few hours after North Korea’s vice foreign minister, Pak Kil Yon, blamed the “hostile policy” of the United States for continuing tension on the divided Korean Peninsula. Pak told the U.N. General Assembly the United States is aiming at military domination of Northeast Asia and has designated North Korea as “its first attack target.” Pak also contended that the United States was abusing the power of the U.N. Security Council, and that a January resolution that tightened sanctions on the North for a long-range rocket launch was unfair. Pak did not mention the subsequent nuclear test explosion that was also condemned by the council and deepened concern over the North’s weapons programs. Ri said later, in the “right of reply” session, that North Korea “and its people have been living with nuclear weapons and bombs over their heads for decades.” Under these “provocations” North Korea had no option other than to obtain nuclear weapon itself as a deterrent, he said. Ri unequivocally rejected a South Korean offer of economic aid conditional on the verifiable nuclear disarmament of North Korea, also known at the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, or DPRK, saying the nuclear umbrella was needed to protect the North from South Korea and the United States. “This is again provocation against the strategy policy of the DPRK,” he said. “This can never, ever, be a political bargaining chip. This is a policy under the security environment of the DPRK for safeguarding peace and security, and thereby to ensure the environment for peaceful economic development.

United States shutdown solution no closer after crisis meeting

‘Bill’ Oliphant, Knoxville Knoxville News Sentinel A Yes, Vladimir Putin. The United States is an exceptional country, but that is not to say Russia isnt exceptional. Large or small, every country on the face of this planet is exceptional. Almost all countries celebrate their revolutions, epic battles, valiant defenses, talented and/or heroic individuals, prolonged struggles, natural disasters, financial collapses and such. Most are prideful of their great polymaths, playwrights, composers, writers, scientists, inventors and explorers. All have suffered the embarrassment of misguided policies, unsavory alliances, atrocities, persecution and discrimination. Generally, they take pride in their identity, history and culture; deserve understanding and respect of their uniqueness from other countries; and resent criticism from countries that belittle them. Surprisingly, the citizens of some Communist countries have a more positive attitude regarding the general direction of their countries than we do (i.e., China and Russia are 85 and 37 percent positive, respectively, versus the United States, with only 26 percent positive) and are more optimistic about the future, while the most vocal self-proclaimed patriots in the United States seem to absolutely hate our democratic government, the basis of our exceptionalism. While governments following the Communist Manifesto are based on the principle that the bourgeois (wealthy or privileged/intelligentsia) are evil, and the proletariat (middle income and workers) are victims at the mercy of the bourgeois and capitalism, our Declaration of Independence and Constitution are based on the principle that all citizens are entitled by natural law to certain inalienable rights that are guaranteed and protected (from power, corruption and greed) by rule of law, and not the arbitrary dictates of despots or demagogues. So, yes, Mr. Putin, the United States is exceptional, and, while your rendition of Blueberry Hill may also be exceptional, I submit that President Barack Obama beats you hands down with his rendition of Al Greens Lets Stay Together. 2013, Knoxville News Sentinel Co.

Corporate leaders have warned that a debt ceiling crisis could be a disaster. Theres precedent for a government shutdown, Blankfein said. Theres no precedent for a default … and Im not anxious to be part of the process that witnesses it. Congressional leaders, meanwhile, made no progress toward ending the stalemate. Reid placed a phone call to Boehner, which the Senate leader called cordial. Reid also sent a letter to Boehner, saying that Senate Democrats would negotiate only after the House approved a temporary budget to reopen the government. But his offer, which Reid cast as a new one, did not amount to much. Reid essentially said he would he would negotiate once the House dropped its current demands, which House Republicans said was not a negotiation at all. The entire government is shut down right now because Washington Democrats refuse to even talk about fairness for all Americans under Obamacare, Boehner spokesman Michael Steel said. Offering to negotiate only after Democrats get everything they want is not much of an offer. The House is attempting to restore some government functions piecemeal. On Wednesday, leaders approved three smaller funding bills, which would provide money for national parks and museums, the District of Columbia government, and the National Institutes of Health.