Movies For Grownups Atlanta Film Festival

Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga in Middleton. (Courtesy Anchor Bay Entertainment)

” The World’s End “: The British comedy trio behind “Shaun of the Dead” is responsible for this rollicking ride about a pub crawl that gets interrupted by the apocalypse. ” In a World… ” Lake Bell stars in her writing and directorial debut about a voiceover artist following in her father’s very large footsteps. Drama ” Wadjda “: The coming-of-age film about a young girl who wants to buck the established order is the first feature-length movie made in Saudi Arabia. ” Short Term 12 “: Brie Larson plays a supervisor in a halfway house for troubled teens in Destin Daniel Cretton’s second feature. ” The Patience Stone “: An Afghani woman finds relief when she reveals her deepest secrets to her husband, who happens to be comatose. ” The Spectacular Now “: Another coming-of-age film, this dramedy deals with a bookish teen who starts a relationship with a hard-partying classmate. Documentary ” Generation Iron “: The engaging documentary follows seven men in the 2012 Mr. Olympia competition. Other movie options: ” Harvest of Empire “: Artisphere is hosting a free screening of the eye-opening documentary about immigration on Thursday at 7 p.m. Film|Neu : The annual film festival, which starts Friday, focuses on the latest and greatest from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Most of the movies will show at E Street Cinema, and highlights include a screening of the award-winning day-in-the-life film “Oh Boy” and the 3D movie “Measuring the World,” which recounts the friendship between mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss and geographer Alexander von Humboldt. Tickets for most films cost $11.50.

Under the Obama administration the U.S. space program is mostly history anyway. 4. Armageddon (1998) Alternatively, NASAs non-essentials can take vicarious pleasure in this Michael Bay blockbuster about a crew of NASA recruits who save the planet from annihilation by a Texas-sized asteroid headed our way. Sure, its only a fantasy. But like we said, the U.S. space program today is mostly history anyway and the rest is fantasy. 5. The Shawshank Redemption (1994) The IRS says it would suspend all audits in a government shutdown, making life easier for Tim Robbins character, a onetime banker who as an inmate is compelled to cook the wardens books in this classic prison drama. 6. National Treasure (2004) A shutdown will close the National Archives, home of the Declaration of Independence. With the original document inaccessible, would-be viewers of Mr.

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Garcia will participate in a question-and-answer session after the film, along with the writer and director of the movie, Adam Rodgers. Johnny Cash and Saul Holiff Ron Joy/New Chapter Productions, Inc. My Father and the Man in Black Stars: Johnny Cash and Saul Holiff Director: Jonathan Holiff Director Jonathan Holiff, 48, whose movie My Father and the Man in Black also will be featured, will participate in a question-and-answer session after his documentary about music icon Johnny Cash and his troubled manager, Saul Holiff, Jonathan’s father. Bruce Dern and Will Forte Merie W. Wallace/Paramount Nebraska Stars: Bruce Dern Director: Alexander Payne Other screenings at the Movies for Grownups festival include Nebraska , starring Academy Award nominee Bruce Dern, 77, as a cantankerous father who wangles his son into a road trip to claim his sweepstakes prize. The movie, directed by Alexander Payne , is set to open in November and already is getting award buzz. Frank Langella and Christopher Plummer Jojo Whilden/HBO Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight Stars: Ed Begley Jr., Frank Langella, Christopher Plummer, Danny Glover Director: Stephen Frears Also previewing at the festival is Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight , to be shown on HBO on Oct. 5. The story behind Ali’s claim of conscientious objector status during the Vietnam War at the height of his boxing career, the movie stars, among others, Ed Begley Jr., who will take questions from the audience after the screening. AARP Movies for Grownups highlights feature films that speak to an audience that appreciates grownup themes and stars. The annual Movies for Grownups Awards are announced in February and presented at a yearly gala soon after. Also of Interest

Warren) Story Photos Streaming Movies Libraries SEATTLE (AP) – There’s a new source to stream movies and other digital content, and it’s not a tech company with tens of thousands of titles. It’s something more familiar, and might even be just down the street: the public library. Often thought of as stodgy brick-and-mortar havens for bibliophiles, libraries are trying out a new service that allows patrons to check out streaming movies, music, TV shows and audiobooks from anywhere they want. It works similarly to Netflix: Through an app on a tablet or a browser on a personal computer, users can peruse dozens of movies and click on a film to “borrow” it. The content starts streaming, for free. While libraries are already loaning e-books, the move to streaming is part of a larger shift for them to remain relevant in a digital world. Libraries are “meeting patrons where they want to access content,” said Kirk Blankenship, Electronic Resources Librarian for Seattle Public Libraries, which is using the service called Hoopla. The service, from Ohio-based Midwest Tape, LLC, is also being used in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Topeka, Kan., and several others towns and cities nationwide. Hoopla launched in full in May with 20 library systems. As of early September, there are about 220,000 people using the app, said Michael Manon, Hoopla’s brand manager. The goal is to reach 100 library systems by year’s end. Libraries have always been a source of audiovisual entertainment.