Skillet Is Starting To Win Mainstream Music Fans

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She has family nearby and her father started a church in the area in the 1970s. Drummer Jen Ledger, an England native, also lives in Kenosha and attends the same church. John Cooper helped start the band in Memphis 1996, but they’ve had lineup changes over the years. Currently, it’s the Coopers, Ledger and lead guitarist Seth Morrison, who lives in Memphis. He joined in 2011, and “Rise” was his first album with the band. They’ve continually won over Christian rock fans, even being nominated in 2005 and 2007 for Grammy Awards in the best rock gospel album category. The song that helped cross them over to the rock charts was “Whispers in the Dark,” from the 2006 album “Comatose.” They’ve since had several songs on Billboard’s rock chart. When the Coopers sat down to write “Rise,” they reflected on the success of “Awake” but didn’t find many answers. “No one really knows why our last album went platinum,” Korey Cooper said. “… So there’s even added pressure of how do you follow up something nobody can really put a handle on why it was successful.” It could be of the energy they’ve put into relentlessly touring, concentrating on both mainstream and Christian crowds. They are in South America starting Thursday and will join Nickelback in Europe Oct. 26.

An inconvenient truth: Why music sounds bad

Follow @AudiophiliacMan (Credit: Steve Guttenberg/CNET) CNN recently reported on the “death” of the home stereo system , and while that’s an exaggeration, few people — young or old — have “stereos” anymore. CNN was asleep at the wheel on this one; precious few folks have had stereos for decades. Music is now almost always consumed in cars, and over phones and plastic computer or Bluetooth speakers. If there’s an imminent “death” on the horizon, it will surely strike MP3 players and iPods. Phones have already taken over as the portable music players of choice. Do you know anyone who still uses a MP3 player, one that’s not also a phone? Today’s bands and record labels know their audiences aren’t listening at home on a stereo, so they have to make sure the music’s volume never changes. That way the listeners can hear it well enough in the noisiest of places. That’s why engineers compress music, compression boosts the softer sounds, and flattens the really loud bits, so it all comes out sounding the same. From a whisper to a scream, it’s all equally loud. Adding a little extra zing to the mix helps it cut better over the lowest-fi Bluetooth speakers, especially when there’s lots of competing sound on the beach or park or other settings. And since most BT speakers are just one speaker, mono is well on its way to replacing stereo over speakers.