Uk Tracks Of The Week: Paigey Cakey, Mike Glc, Dvs

UK’s Cameron puts economy center-stage in re-election bid

Artists include Paigey Cakey, Mike GLC, and DVS. Paigey Cakey “Same Way” Now settled into the seasoned nest of Alwayz Recordings (Chip), Paigey Cakey has the support to really fly. The pint-sized MC will release her new EP, The Next Paige, in November, with the first track being something all the haters can swivel on, “Same Way.” Mike GLC “Flying High” Mike GLC has had possibly the worst year of his life, after being unfairly set up by The Sun, but the rapper hasn’t let any of the drama distract him from his music grind (slackers, take note). The title of his new track, “Flying High,” would probably suggest that he ain’t worried about nothin’, but his lyrical content digs deeper than youd expect. DVS Feat. Syikes “Versace” (Freestyle) Just when you thought you heard all of the “Versace” freestyles possible, DVS comes through with a hood version of the Migos club banger. As expected, the Brixton-bred rapper spits flossy rhymes whilst rocking flossy Versace threads in the video (standard!) The track also features fellow Brixtonite, Syikes. DVS’ London Boy, American Dreaming mixtape drops next month. Blacks & Footsie Feat. Little Dee “Lunatic” Despite the poor visuals, Blacks, Footsie, and Little Dees new grime number, “Lunatic,” is a good’un. Bars for days!

UK Government Announces Winners Of The GREAT Tech Awards

“Our economy may be turning the corner, and of course that’s great, but we still haven’t finished paying for Labour’s debt crisis.” Trailing Labour by 11 percentage points according to one recent survey, Cameron’s team is trying to extract political capital from Britain’s economic recovery, telling voters they alone can be trusted to keep the $2.5 trillion economy on track. But stagnant wages and rising living costs have left his party vulnerable to a Labour charge that most people are not yet feeling the benefits of any economic upturn. Championing private enterprise as the best way of improving living standards, Cameron responded directly to that charge. “I see that Labour have stopped talking about the debt crisis and now they talk about the cost of living crisis. As if one wasn’t directly related to the other,” he said. “If you want to know what happens if you don’t deal with a debt crisis… and how it affects the cost of living… just go and ask the Greeks,” he said, invoking Greece’s economic crisis. “LAND OF OPPORTUNITY” Cameron branded Labour’s business tax plans as “crazy”. “Last week, Labour proposed to put up corporation tax on our biggest and most successful employers,” he said. “That is just about the most damaging, nonsensical, twisted economic policy you could possibly come up with.” The Conservatives are a party of aspiration and tax cuts, he told delegates, saying only they could deliver what he called a “land of opportunity” rather than Labour’s “land of despair”. “Profit, wealth creation, tax cuts, enterprise: these are not dirty, elitist words – they’re not the problem, they really are the solution, because it’s not government that creates jobs, it’s businesses,” said Cameron. Signs of a recovery had been helping Cameron to regain ground in the opinion polls but Labour drew further ahead again after promising to take on vested interests, tax bankers more and freeze energy bills. Cameron has proposed mortgage guarantees to help those struggling to raise a deposit to buy a home. He has warned against quick fixes and accused Labour leader Ed Miliband of pursuing proposals for populist state intervention.

The GREAT Tech Awards, an international technology competition celebrating the best of UK and US technology start-ups, is hosted by UK Trade & Investment. New York-based tech start-ups applied over the summer to win one of five custom UK expansion packages in the education, finance, hardware, lifestyle, and media sectors. “The technology sector is of utmost importance to the UK, and is bolstered by our commitment to innovation, entrepreneurialism, and a dynamic business climate,” said HRH The Duke of York, whose official work includes supporting the economic success of the UK. “The GREAT Tech Awards offer an unparalleled opportunity for the winners to use the UK as their next step towards international expansion and success. I wish the winners the best of luck on their exciting new journey across the Atlantic.” The US award winners were handpicked by a panel of judges representing the finest industry leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs. The winners are: Media: ADstruc The Advisors’ Choice Award, awarded to Blippar , recognizes a British technology company that has successfully established a New York office. Sponsors of the competition include Virgin Atlantic Airways, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), TaylorWessing, BritishAmerican Business (BAB), and Blick Rothenberg. “We are thrilled to announce the winners of The GREAT Tech Awards tonight, which represent the best of the UK-US tech industry,” said Danny Lopez, British Consul-General to New York. “We have seen exponential growth in tech clusters in both UK and US cities in recent years, and it’s no coincidence. Winners will embark on a journey of international expansion in the best country in Europe to grow a business, and these bespoke development packages will provide a helpful boost for these companies to succeed.” The five category winners receive a customized package that includes: a premium economy round-trip airplane ticket provided by Virgin Atlantic Airlines departing from JFK on October 14, and returning from LHR on October 19, 2013; a meeting with a senior representative at the UK Prime Minister’s Office, No. 10 Downing Street; over $4,000 worth of legal services courtesy of TaylorWessing; $3,000 worth of accountancy/business advisory services provided by Blick Rothenberg LLP; a two-day customized business development program in London (15-16 October); three classes at General Assembly in London; one entry pass to London’s Wired 2013 Conference (17-18 October 2013); an introductory meeting with a major British brand to be selected by a sponsor; a tour of co-working and shared office spaces in London; a free annual corporate membership with BAB in either London or New York’s chapters; a complimentary Gold Ticket Registration to the BAB Christmas Luncheon (in either London or New York); inclusion in a feature on the winners in BAB New York’s Network magazine. The Advisors’ Choice winner’s prize package includes: a business reception hosted by the British Consul-General New York at the British Residence; a free annual corporate membership with BAB in either London or New York’s chapters; three classes at General Assembly in London; a complimentary Gold Ticket Registration to the BAB Christmas Luncheon (in either London or New York); inclusion in a feature on the winners in BAB New York’s Network magazine. Judges include: Ben Lerer, CEO/Co-founder of Thrillist Media Group and partner at Lerer Ventures; David Karp, CEO/Founder of Tumblr; John Borthwick, CEO/Co-founder of Betaworks; Margaret Dohnalek, Global Head of Technology Scouting, PepsiCo; Simon Bradley, Vice President Marketing, North America, Virgin Atlantic Airlines.