Veteran Hollywood Producer A.c. Lyles Dies

CNN, NBC pull the plug on Hillary Clinton projects: Did the RNC trump Hollywood?

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He was 95. His affiliation with Paramount Studios lasted more than 80 years. (Photo: Jeff Kravitz FilmMagic, Inc) Story Highlights His last job at Paramount was “ambassador of goodwill” His last producer credit was for the 2005-2006 HBO Western series ‘Deadwood’ Production credits include ‘The Young and the Brave,’ ‘Stage to Thunder Rock,’ ‘Apache Uprising’ and ‘Johnny Reno’ SHARE 119 CONNECT 16 TWEET COMMENTEMAILMORE LOS ANGELES (AP) A.C. Lyles, who rose from mail boy to producer at Paramount Pictures and became the studio’s longest-serving employee during a tenure that lasted more than three-quarters of a century, has died at age 95. Lyles, whose most recent title with Paramount was ambassador of goodwill, died Friday at his Los Angeles home, longtime family friend Ben Wheeler told The Associated Press on Monday. He was just 18 when the lifelong movie fan arrived in Hollywood from his native Florida, going to work in Paramount’s mailroom in 1937. There, as the person who delivered their fan letters, the outgoing Lyles became friendly with most of the major stars of the era, including Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Dorothy Lamour and William Holden. “He was extremely close with Jimmy Cagney and Ronald Reagan,” Wheeler recalled Monday. His celebrity contacts would become invaluable when Lyles started producing such Westerns as The Young and the Brave, ‘Stage to Thunder Rock, Apache Uprising and Johnny Reno in the 1960s. He persuaded friends such as Joel McCrea, Randolph Scott, Jane Russell, Pat O’Brien and Dana Andrews to appear in his films, even talking Cagney into directing one of them, the gangster movie, Short Cut to Hell. It marked Cagney’s only directing effort, and Lyles remarked years later, “I don’t think he liked telling actors what to do.” Studio executives had recognized Lyles’ breezy manner years earlier and promoted him to the publicity department.

Just a few hours later NBC declared that they too were abandoning plans to produce a four-hour miniseries based on Clinton. After reviewing and prioritizing our slate of movie/miniseries development, weve decided that we will no longer continue developing the Hillary Clinton miniseries, NBC said in a statement. So did the quest for a balanced political playing field actually trump Hollywood? “This was only the first step in the Republican Party taking control of our debate process. The purpose of our party’s debates is to better inform our grassroots and those participating in Republican primaries and caucuses, Republican National Committee (RNC) spokesperson Kirsten Kukowski told FOX411. Now that CNN and NBC have canceled their Hillary Clinton infomercials, we will work on developing a new debate model that will address the timing, frequency, moderators and venues that will come in the next few months. Any media organization looking to be part of the debate process will have to comply with the new system.” The announcement of both Clinton projects earlier this year sparked immediate political outrage, with many concerned that the projects would function as puff pieces for Clintons presidential aspirations. The RNC voted in August to boycott both NBC and CNN during the 2016 presidential primary debates, which then also raised concerns from Democrat supporters and political figures at NBC as to whether it could harm the potential candidate in the end. “Nobody in Hollywood expected RNC chairman (Reince) Preibus to flex his muscles like this and threaten CNN and NBC over these two movies. This is a clear result of that. The networks simply cannot countenance being excluded from debates and no single project is worth that access being cut off, noted Hollywood producer, Mark Joseph. Preibus is part of a new generation of GOP leaders who are playing by a different set of rules than their predecessors. He played hardball and he won big time.” Other critics are not convinced that Clinton didnt have some personally vested interests in silencing the entertainment productions. The Clintons are very concerned with any large books or film projects that focus on them.